Shipping Policy


  • Please note that our products are delivered from different fulfillment centers. Certain products purchased during this time may be delayed due to business interruptions due to local regulations regarding the Coronavirus. We are doing our best to estimate any potential delays in shipments on our product pages. We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time.



We provide a free shipping all over United kingdom. United states , Canada and Europe .but we charge extra shipping fees for countries not mentioned above .



How long will it take for my order to get here?

Orders could take up to 2-7 working weeks to arrive. If you have received a previous order faster than your current one that's still on it's way, please be assured that the shipping duration always varies due to holidays and shipping related issues such as weather and slow/extra customs security etc.

Please place your order ahead of time if you know that you will need it for a certain time e.g. public holiday, event,wedding, appointment with your client/nail technician etc.

I have not received my order! HELP!

Please be patient and wait out the estimated shipping times stated in the paragraph above (please calculate from the date you received your shipping confirmation and not the date you placed your order on) as there is still a high chance for your order to still be on it's way.

If you haven't received your order , don't worry not all hope is lost. If you have waited out the estimated delivery time as mentioned previously. And have checked that the address you have provided on your order receipt is correct. Then please email us on with your order number/name.